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Gagnon/Meisner Challenge Premier Fitasc 2013


The second annual "Gagnon/Meisner Challenge Premier Fitasc" is now history and although not a NSCA Canada event, this is a worthy shooting venue to support and encourage.

The event is limited to 60 shooters total, shooting five parcours of 20 targets each, old style.

Tony Oliveri from Quebec did an outstanding job setting the targets and ably offered the right mix of light, medium and difficult presentations.  Saturday was set medium, with Sunday having somewhat more difficulty.

The shoot ran smoothly, with only one observed machine interruption on Sunday morning at Parcour 5 which was promptly serviced by Bob Meisner.  Referees generally showed a knowledge of Fitasc rules and carried out their duties in a commendable manner.

This is a shoot to put on your calendar for 2014.

**Pictures of the shoot may be viewed on the web site at this linkhttp://www.nscacanada.ca/nsca-clubs/photos,9.html#bg_content

or by clicking on: NSCA Clubs - Ontario - Galt - View Details - Photos